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Friday night I was helping a couple friends to unlock the kill Jason achievement and let them see what killing Jason looks like. My friend was playing Jason, I was Brandon to knock off Jason's mask. The other two players would call Tommy Jarvis and find the sweater.  We started out knocking off Jason's mask, then Jason would kill the players not wearing the sweater so they would come back as Tommy Jarvis. Literally each time (at least five or six times) the player going for the achievement came back as Tommy, that player's game would crash. I do mean every time and just that player's game. I decided to wait to have the player come back as Tommy Jarvis then knock off the mask for the players. Each time I did this, it worked fine. I think I helped out four or five players get the achievement that night using this method, and it worked each time.

The point, I think if Jason's mask is knocked off first, and another player has the sweater, coming back as Tommy Jarvis will crash your game.

This was done on the Xbox One, so I don't know if it affects PS4 or PC players.

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