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Someone claiming to be from gun

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Grammar, spelling, and syntax like a 15 year-old imbecile.

Doesn't even capitalize their own company name.

Yep, I am sure it's legit.  :rolleyes:

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He should be banned under suspicion and forced to reveal the other half of that message to get unbanned. 

I vote they ban him under suspicion. ?

Btw @CupOfCheese20 I messaged that guy and I'll get the other half of that message and if you're a glitcher, I'll expose you. ?


https://ibb.co/bAuGuk the full message

Just spoke to the guy, he seems like an ok person.

He was trying to spook cupofcheese out of a glitch. 

Then this glitcher reported him.

I request @GunMedia_Ben look into this and the screenshot I posted and remove the ban on the guy who's banned.

Also @JPops why can't I upload any pics or screenshots?



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