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Having a rough time playing

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For the past 3 days I log on, excited to spend a few hours gaining a level or 2 to unlock stuff, have fun. I'm lucky if I get a decent match. Yesterday morning, another councillor killed me after 3 minutes. Next match, councillor killed me in about 2 minutes. Next match as Jason, 2 on roof. Gave up for a few hours. Back on 3 hours later, person on roof teabagging me. Next match 2 people on roof who called the kid playing Jason a "f**king retard" for trying to find a way to kill them, and that the kid was "wasting everyone's time bothering with them" (on the roof) after match ended. Seriously, a cheater calling a kid trying to play his game properly a retard...Waited a couple more hours, bunch of good matches, but random betray killers here and there. I think these clowns jump game to game to kill people at game start as they immediately quit after they take out a couple people. Right now, quitting Friday 13th for a few hours because yesterday's shenanigans are already happening, although there some really fun people in those groups. I'm just explaining my experience, not complaining per se, just explaining. I know they're working on it, just seems it's people breaking the game for others and it's getting worse daily. I absolutely love Friday 13th though, and when these circus clowns aren't in a match, it's too fun. Cheers.

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I recognize your story and feelings strongly.

These things have gutted me, and I haven't played for a while because of it.

I want to play the game 24/7 but when I see stuff like this, it just ruins everything for me.

It feels like them pissing all over the game, the developers and the well willing community.


So 1-0 for the trolls regarding me.

Yes, in my case they have won, I can't handle stuff like that somehow, 


Will have a look at the game next month, see how things have developed by then.

Sad really. 

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