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Ideas to make counselors land an attack more reliably

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With the combat system the way it is, there's simply too much risk and little to no reward for a Counselor player to dare attack Jason just for a chance to stun him, especially if he is trigger-happy with the grab button.

Because a Jason player can do a 180 turn upon realizing that a Counselor is about to launch an attack, it leaves the Counselor wide open to an attack or a grab. Jason's grab ability also bypasses a Counselor's melee attack, and is fast enough to make even an Epic ranked Swift Attacker seem pointless to use unless it's a surprise attack.

Personally, I think some tweaks are needed to make combat more reliable:

  • Prevent Jason from doing a 180 turn by giving him a new animation that deliberately makes him turn around slowly, which activates if the game detects the Jason player trying to turn around quickly to casually walk away from an attacking Counselor in the hopes that they will miss their attack, and then quickly turn around again for a grab-kill.
  • Allow the Counselor to swing their weapons more than once in a row and step forward at the same time until they successfully land an attack. Take out the end animation where the Counselor takes a step back, as it serves no purpose due to Jason's exaggerated grab range and already makes combat as a Counselor more difficult as it is. This may¬†help Counselors' melee attacks connect more reliably against a more skilled Jason player.
  • Most importantly, make it so that Jason absolutely¬†cannot successfully grab an attacking Counselor, unless they are wounded/near-death. If Jason tries to grab a healthy Counselor that is in the middle of an attacking animation, the grab should have no effect.

I understand that Jason would undeniably win in a 1v1 fight and I would rather that he remained overpowered to keep the spirit of Friday the 13th, but considering how often we play as a Counselor instead of Jason, it's important to make surviving as a Counselor more rewarding than frustrating, especially for those who care more about playing as Jason than Counselors.

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