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Freeze/Crash after Morph + map freezes the game + Jason Shift blocked and other bugs

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Some bugs report:

- I have experienced various freezing/crashes just after Jason´s Morph. One time per day, at least.

- Sometimes I start the game as a counselor and try to open the map (I have map perk) and the game freezes / crash.

- When I am starting the car, if I hit the map button, sometimes the map stay fixed on the screen and I cant drive.

- When I was Jason, I grabed a guy and all my executions was blocked... I was walking with the guy for about a minute until the executions turned on again.

- There are various problems with turning on and turning off Jason´s skills and Jason´s map in sequence... This actions seems to be triggering bugs. One time my Shift becomes blocked half of the match.

PC - Windows - Steam

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