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Ra's al Ghul

ingame voice chat broken

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So i bought this Game 2 Weeks ago and i do really like the Concept and the Gameplay of it.


However, my Ingame Voice Chat doesn't seem to work proberly. Players ingame are talking but i can't hear them. However they can hear me when i Talk. I can hear Players in 1 out of 10 Games(yes, i can hear them kinda randomly). My Mic is 100% working (its working on other games with ingame Voice Chat tho, tested it) and all my ingame sound settings are 100% volume.

i'm not the only one with this problem, few of my friends who are also playing F13 have the same Issue like me.


I have the latest Drivers on my PC installed. (i dont think its a problem on my Side tho)


Any Suggestions to this issue? maybe a potencial fix? are the devs informed about this Issue yet?

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