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Couselors should receive a general XP earnings increase

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If you (are lucky enough to) play as Jason, you will earn more XP than the average counselor.  I think that the counselors should earn more XP on average because

1) (the most important reason) Jason is intended to have an advantage over the counselors.  If counselors are able to excel with their disadvantage, they deserve more XP.  The counselors who complete match objectives and help other counselors by breaking them free, distractions, etc, should have an XP increase.  It is INTENDED TO BE HARDER AS COUNSELORS TO PLAY than it is for Jason.  Harder work deserves better XP pay.

2) It will make people who died early (especially those who spawned near the car) want to stay

3) It will reduce people quitting because they were not picked to be Jason

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