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Post-death/escape Spectator Mini Game

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Hi All.

I love this game. Having tons of fun playing. 

But sometimes after you die it can be a little dull watching the other survivors. Especially if they're just hiding under a bed.

How about allowing the spectators to do a little more while they're waiting?

Perhaps they can roll perks or change clothes. (But prevent the changes from going into effect until next game so that if they return as Tommy Jarvis they can't change their perks mid game.)

Or maybe you can add a mini game? Or some sort of CP Betting system? Where the remaining survivors can bet the experience they earned in the round on who will live, who will die and how and when and where? 


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Whoops. I see this topic is already under discussion. I'll move my suggestion over to "Things to do in Crystal Lake when you are dead"

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