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Slasher TV Series

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Did anyone watch the 8-episode Slasher TV Series that just ended?  It was made for the obscure station, Chiller, but was simultaneously available for purchase off of iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.  If so, what are your thoughts?



What I Liked


  • A pretty balanced pacing with at least one present day kill per episode.
  • Good character development; more depth than you get in a 90-minute slasher movie.  Actually felt betrayed when some likable characters had very dark secrets exposed (e.g. Iain).
  • Matter-of-fact diversity with the final girl in an interracial marriage and her new best friend being a guy married to a gay Muslim.  An Asian-American newspaper boss and an African-American international news star.
  • A surprisingly raw and brutal battle with the final girl.  I can't remember many slasher movies that ended with an incapacitated killer being slowly butchered as the final girl simultaneously unleashes physically and emotionally on him.
  • Better than the Scream Queens TV series since it didn't have all the Ryan Murphy dark comedy shtick.


What I Disliked



  • Many of the victims were directly responsible for deaths, permanent comas, kidnappings and rape.  Other victims were indirectly responsible.  It was very hard to sympathize with any of them (except maybe June, who seemed really repentant).
  • It felt derivative.  Obviously a slasher series should have a lot in common with traditional slasher movies.  But it felt like they borrowed too much from non-slasher movies like The Room and Seven.  Almost seemed like those "ripped from the headlines" derivative crime series.
  • Many of the kills weren't terribly suspenseful.  Might have to do with lack of sympathy for most victims.
  • I'm still not understanding the serial killer.  In the first 7 episodes he appears all moralistic Seven-like.  Then in the final episodes we learn he had a Michael Myers killing a family member as a child moment and then his final episode kills (or attempted kills) are more focused on covering up his deeds.
  • Not as well done as the Scream TV series, probably for the aforementioned reasons.




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Looks cool! If it ever comes to Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu, I'll be sure to give it a watch!

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