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Any love for the impossibly dreadful 1985/1986 Domark game and it's bizarre take on Jason?

For whatever reason Jason is depicted in the game as being just a regular dude wearing some slick Jet-Black clothes. Adding further to this strangeness is the weird non film-accurate and mark-free hockey mask that was shown in the game's promo material and box-art. Making for a rather "unique" look, to put it nicely.

A skin based on the Domark developed game might make for a fun little nod to the very first attempt at a Friday the 13th game - in a similar way to how the NES Jason skin was just recently introduced to the new game.

What are you guys' thoughts on this?

A more detailed comparison of the three versions of the Domark game: http://frgcb.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/friday-13th-domark-1985.html

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Ooh ! I played that tons on the C-64 back in the days (grah!.. I am old! ).

Best of memories, really love that game, and a themed skin would be perfect, the possibilities are so awesome imho.


I think it would have to be implemented just like in the original game;

So you'd never know who the killer is, until confronted somehow.

But I think this could be a "problem" when they (and I hope they do), release Pamela as a killer. 

I.e. the same concept.


Again, I would love to see this happen, also with the music included of course :)

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