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F13 Community Tournament - Planning stages

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PSN, Willie-Wall. I'd be willing to help in anyway you need.

I do think there should be a rule that Tommy can not be called. The random aspect just wouldn't work.

The XP would be tricky and would probably have to come down to trusting the screenshots are legit. There has to be a way around this though,  I just don't know what.

And lastly,  what about perks? Will they be allowed? Obviously if they aren't we would have to go back to trusting they clear perk spots but if they are allowed it might sway newcomers from entering due to an advantage to the high level players. 

All constructive feedback here, I will love to see this kick off and have many more down the road. I use to run tournaments for a PC game called Defcon, although they were my servers that I pulled stats and recordings from, I know how much work it takes to set something like this up. Kudos for you!

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  • Most EXP points earned (Would require everyone playing to screen cap their scores at the end, too much room for error perhaps?)

A friend of Jason could find this out by checking the server that Jason is in. It says all of the scores. At least for Steam.

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