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Attempting to establish a PS4 group for players who aren't turds

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I'm hoping to establish a collection of players who play this game for fun and enjoyment. Competitive but not crazy. Frustrated but not raging. +21 and over in spirit. There are some teenagers out there who are perfectly normal individuals.

Looking for people who have no problem with how other players play as Jason, who think Savini J is perfectly acceptable and not "pay to win", who work together toward objectives and aren't offended by players who "lone wolf" it unless they try to take off alone after you did all the work, who come back as Tommy with one objective, help out by ANY means necessary, who don't mind spectating, who have nothing against shift+grab, who don't exploit glitches because that's ridiculous, who don't freak out when they die, who as Jason don't rage when counselors escape. 

I know I'm forgetting some stuff but I also know there's a good bit of you who share these same views. 

"It's such a fantastic game when it works and people are playing "correctly". I know that's a loose term and there isn't a right/wrong."

Post your PS4 id or send me a message and we should be able to get a quality group together.

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You last thread was locked with instructions. Do not make another one. Thank you. 

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