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UPDATE JUNE 14TH - Xbox Matchmaking Update has gone live.

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Hi all! We've been hard at work and wanted our next update to be a positive one for you all here on Facebook. Our team has been working non-stop on this update and we're in a place where things are far more stable. To be frank; we're still monitoring memory-leak issues, but the vast majority of users should be getting into games quickly via Quick Play with far fewer instances.
Apologies from our team are in order for this wait and our thanks for the patience that we've been granted from our fans. It's a long, tough road for issues such as this, but you guys are heard and we are working as fast as possible to improve your experience. We are thankful that so many of you find the game to be very fun when you play, that's always our goal, so we've worked tirelessly to ensure that every single person is getting to enjoy that experience.
Exploits that users reported are being removed. This patch is the first batch of some major ones we identified, while PS4/Steam will be getting a larger set of exploit fixes coming.
Our team has been taking a lot of feedback into account from fans, so this update has a lot of exploit fixes and we've added a more severe penalty to counselor team-killing. This penalty will go live with the other versions of the game on their next respective patches. As for other griefing/harassment concerns; we are looking into a report feature to ensure that users that go far and away beyond acceptable behavior are taken care of. We will have news on that in the coming weeks.
For those on PS4 and Steam; we have updates planned quickly, mainly for exploit fixes and a perk-selling exploit that will be resolved with our patch. We are aiming for this week on Steam and next week with PS4, however we would like to remind users that this is not set in stone. Another stability patch for Xbox One is already lined up with even more fixes, but we're here to get those users that had to wait a better experience. Stay tuned for an announcement on what we plan to do for everyone coming soon!
New Features
-Increased betrayal penalty from -200 XP to -1000 XP per kill
-Added gamma slider
-Added extra confirmation when the host tries to leave a match, informing them it will end the match or close the lobby for everyone
-Greatly improved matchmaking search times
-Improved backend reliability
-Reduced movie playback stuttering on host
-Closed off a lot of spots that only counselors could get to on all maps
-Decreased initial load times (can skip videos about halfway through now)
-Improved pickup reliability for Jason’s throwing knives
-Disabled navigation on the talking player list
-Improved camera returning to the player when leaving a hide spot or kicking out of a grab
-Improved Jason morph point reliability
-Reduced chance for characters to float when killed
-Fixed a number of memory leaks causing crashes
-Fixed crashes when trying to spawn Tommy Jarvis
-Fixed items floating when dropped
-Fixed highlight not going away on grab kill selection
-Fixed PhD in murder achievement
-Fixed stat tracking for all achievements
-Fixed a number of memory leaks causing crashes
-Fixed Deborah's DLC clothing showing up for everyone
-Fixed dead body not showing up for clients
-Fixed window showing wrong position for open/close on host
-Fixed interactions get out of sync from client and server causing players to be stuck
-Fixed counselor not showing up in grabbed state all the time
-Fixed being able to run through hide spots just after leaving them
-Fixed getting stuck in a hide spot that someone else is leaving
-Fixed sometimes not being able to kill someone in a hide spot
-Fixed getting stuck in a cabin near Packanack when barricading the door
-Fixed counselors escaping while being murdered near the police
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