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Xbox patch............someday

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Allegedly in cert last Thursday.  Right before E3.  Then nothing, except news soon.

news soon.

soon as we have word.

you know what gets old?  The whole "we're just such a small, earnest little group of devs.....and we're waiting on big bad MS."  It's misdirection.  They plopped this thing on someone's desk the day before E3 hit....and then keep saying how they're hopeful they'll hear back "today."  Which, of course, doesn't happen.  And displays the same degree of coordination as when they botched the Day 1 patch.

So, on average, the game still crashes for everyone involved after 4 games, max.  Still no quick matches.  Still game breaking bugs -- like watch Jason fly across the map from firecrackers....but hey, who needs a functional game?

New soon.  After the XB1 community dies. I'm sitting there listening to people state it would be one of their favorite games if it worked weeks after launch.  But it doesn't.  So they're moving on.

PS - anyone who wants to start  platform bashing ...develop a rash or something.  You're again missing the basic point.

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See this post by Ben:


10 hours ago, GunMedia_Ben said:

I've been working nonstop for over two months now. My only break (time I haven't been working or sleeping) I've had was being a groomsman the weekend after launch and I still drove home and worked immediately after the wedding. We're on call with Microsoft and we have info, but we will not post until we have solid information rather than circumstantial. We did that and the moment we were late by 30 minutes we had a ton of people call us a whole slew of names. 

The exploits are known. The hackers are known. The matchmaking fix is very, very close to launch for Xbox One. The updates and fixes for Steam for security is very close to happening and PS4 general fixes are all coming, on top of the first content update we have planned being prepped for all of you. 

IllFonic has been in crunch with crazy work hours and I couldn't be more proud of them. We've been scouring the data with our community on all of the forums and channels that we operate. 

We have given you the latest information. We have posted updates when able, we are as transparent as we can possibly be without breaking NDAs, lying to you or creating false expectations. The kind of work that needs to occur is never an immediate fix like a simple map exploit. There are matchmaking algorithms that need to be written. There are security patches that need to be implemented. We have to check that things aren't going to cause more problems after implementation and the fact that our game sold well does not immediately mean we can just throw money at the computer and hope the game is better. Trust me, I tried putting a $20 in my CD drive and nothing happened. 

Even adding more staff; we have to find qualified individuals willing to work in a city not very well associated with game development, get them trained up and given proper stand up for the code base for our game, then we have to ensure they'll have proper work guidance. 

We need to lean on our 1st party support for engine help. We have to lean on 1st party for publishing and network support. We have to lean on a lot of people due to the size of our team for the overwhelmingly large number of players that bought the game. 

Is this an ideal situation? No. Was the launch rough? Damn straight. Things have stabilized, things are stabilizing even more and I promise you beyond a shadow of a doubt that we will continue to improve, continue to expand and continue to take player feedback on issues that arise. We are paying very, very close attention to the griefing and to the exploit users. We are paying a lot of attention to those 'teaming up' with Jason. We are paying a lot of attention to our Backers due to confusion over the DLC. 


But here's what I'm going to say to you and others in our forum; you are more than okay with being frustrated. You can be mad at me. You can be mad at anyone at Gun Media, but I draw the line at harassing the mod staff here at these forums. They are community members, they are volunteers that help us with the staggering amount of people that are messaging us every single day. Follow the rules, stay polite, air your grievances rationally and direct your frustrations to Gun Media. This is a warning for you and anyone else to be respectful while here on the forums. 


We hear you, we are working with very little sleep since launch and we are working to contact everyone. We're bringing in help, orienting new people, getting responses out best we can but know that we are 100% committed to making this game work. It was unfortunate what happened, but it was unavoidable and could not be known at launch. This huge support swell we've had is going to do more for the long-run of this game thanks to the vast amount of people contacting us with information about issues they are encountering. The good news is that the issues are very focused on very few overall issues, though they are easily exploitable. The matchmaking fixes are very close to resolution and when I have 100% information, you absolutely will know. 

Hope that helps. 


Edit; after reading your big response telling others not to talk down to you after reading your posts, I'm suspending you for some pretty majorly ironic statements. 

See ya in a week. 


Taken from this thread:

Try and understand how hard it is for them. There's lots of discussion and threads about it ongoing, don't think another one was really necessary.

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If both of the patches have been delayed on Xbox compared to Sony and PC, then it stands to reason that the issue is with MS' more stringent cert process. And the timing of E3 coinciding with the patch had nothing to do with the length of wait. The people that perform Xbox live certification work during E3. Still, pretty funny that your patience ran out literally minutes before the patch posted.  :rolleyes:

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