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Ps4 blue screen and system lag.

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9 minutes ago, SteveChristy said:

No doubt. The problem is most people either don't know the cause/work-around or don't care. I'll see 2-4 people try to join my room and one of them will get bumped out. Before I have time to even attempt to explain to the ones who made it in what their buddy needs to do, the laggy one has already gone back in and accepted the prior invite to their group again and shows back up in the lobby then BOOM, blue and out.

Aside from dying due to glitches, this is the thing about the game that bugs me the most. I have a 100mbps internet package and I'll finally host a lobby where everyone can enjoy a nice, smooth game with no lag without worrying about a rage-quitting host, then someone will bluescreen me. I've yelled out some throat-scarring MOTHERF*CKER's a few times because of that. The game is like a never-ending rabbit hole of connection issues.

Dedicated-servers shall set us free (I hope).

Yep, I feel your pain, the blue screen of death needs to be put to rest :j2: hopefully in the new engine upgrade!

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