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Another Idea of a Map: Lakeview High

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Before I start, I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who looked at my recent idea for a map (the town, check it out if you haven't) and enjoyed it. And a big special thanks to Splatterhouse for the idea of both Lakeview High School AND the Hospital. They were both Splatter's idea, I've just decided to add on to them.


It's 12:45 PM at Lakeview High School as it pans in on the lobby. A few counselors cheer quietly as the smart girl turns off the alarms to the school so they can walk the halls freely while drinking alcohol and having good times. But all is not good as Jason is seen outside, approaching the front entrance, before slashing the doors open, along with the smart girl. Confused, drunk, and terrified, the remaining counselors hurry off in different directions of the school trying to get away. Five minutes later, they find themselves separated, scared, and the worst: Sober. Mwhahahaha!

The Map Itself

The Map will be very large, with most of the action happening inside, there's still an outside area where the counselors can find cars, parts, and the police escapes. The school would have 3 floors and a roof, each floor having distinct and important areas which all contain various items realted to the rooms. It kinda self explainatory:

Floor 1: Cafeteria, Lobby, Prinicple's Office.

Floor 2: Science room(s), Balcony Access.

Floor 3: Library, roof access.

Rooftop: Electric boxes  

On all floors will have side classrooms that have less objects to search because of the large number of rooms. Here are rooms/areas that could change or be switched on the map (as in locations being changed):

Nurse's Office, Workshop, Janitor's Closet, Fire Alarm, and the Teacher's Lounge.

How to Escape

There are only 3 ways to win as a counselor on this map. You can escape by car, call the police and escape through the police exit, or survive for 10 minutes. Calling the police is different since there's no phone on this map. Instead, the counselors must reactive the alarm system that they disabled to get inside, and set it off somehow. (Like maybe a fire alarm lever..? *wink wink nudge nudge*) Jason gets a sound queue for whenever the alarm system is re-activated and can damage them if he can get to the controls in time. As usual if successful, the counselors have to survive 5 minutes for the police to arrive to investigate the scene, to where they then can leave through the police exit.

Calling for "Help" (Playable Character)

I've been thinking on how this would work and one idea is all I have at the moment. To call for help, you must locate the schools flag pole located outside, and must find a rope and a banner with the words "HELP US". A counselor must then add those parts onto it through two minigames (one for the banner, the other for the rope), and then interact with it. It will take several seconds (the same amount of time to use the CB-Radio) to raise the banner, and from there an outside character (maybe Tommy, or someone else, I dunno) arrives armed and ready to help with whatever horrors are going on inside the school. I have one problem with this though that I will explain.

What This Adds to the Game

New Map: Lakeview High (of course)

New Weapons for Counselors: Mop, Broom, Shovel, and a Cricket Bat.

New Environmental Objects for Jason to use: Flag Pole to hang counselors (so rescue call via flag may be a no go), large American flag to impale counselors, throwing them off the rooftop, face smashed with a copy machine, counselors crushed by bookshelves, and much more!

Possible new rescuer..? (I dunno)

New counselor..? (Once again, I dunno)

Balconies: These are areas that counselors can jump off of and on to. Jumping onto balconies will do a small bit of damage to counselors, is loud, but can get them off rooftops quickly. Jumping off of them can result in a way to the ground floor outside quickly, but will put counselors into critical state. If they are already injured, they will die.


Hopefully you all like this idea. Once again big thanks for all the support and ideas on the last post! Have a good day! :D


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