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"Balancing", Tips, and Suggestions

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I find it hilarious that people want this game to be more "balanced". Everyone plays differently, but I'd say I'm able to escape more often than not, and I play with a lot of really competent players. Either I survive or I'm killed right out. There are a lot of factors to this, and I accept them as part of the game. Map spawn, item spawn, Jason, my actions, Jason's actions, other counselor's actions, perks, et cetera. All are factors to my success as a counselor, or as Jason. I've wiped counselors in five minutes and I've had matches where I kill 1/8. I've escaped every possible way short of actually killing Jason unstaged. The odds are not supposed to be in your favor. You still get experience for everything you do, so you don't really lose, nor do you win very often. Deal with the fact that you're facing an undead, unstoppable killing machine, and you're a sex-crazed counselor and accept that you will die a lot. This game requires luck and teamwork. It's not supposed to be easy to get out alive, and it's not supposed to be possible (barring a really terrible Jason) for everyone to escape. I don't understand why this is a bad thing. Learn to enjoy death (I frequently bargain for a cool death if Jason has me dead to rights, and I've seen some pretty awesome finishers as a result. I love the bird bath!)

A few tips that help me:

1. Know when to shut your mouth and get away from loud teammates. It also helps to create some subterfuge through the walkie to help others. I like to yell through the walkie that I'm fixing (something) when I'm nowhere near the (something); sometimes, it shakes Jason off of one of your buddies while he goes to investigate, buying valuable time as he burns his Morph ability.
2. Spawning near everything you could want to find is usually a good indicator you're going to die early. Get away from the goods and circle back.
3. Sometimes it pays to go it alone.
4. Camping is a legitimate strategy! Those tents have saved me at least half a dozen times.
5. As Jason: It's good to spread your efforts. I jump around a LOT to confuse the players as to what I'm going to do, and I frustrate their escape efforts while picking off easy kills. Also, use Morph and Shift in concert with one another, and DON'T FORGET ABOUT STALK. It is so incredibly useful in getting people to pop out of their hidey holes, especially near the end of the match, and I hardly ever see Jasons use it.
6. As Jason: Phone house and CB house - take out the power and all of the doors and windows. Then over on to cabins near the vehicles. Trap the boat pier, and maybe trap your cabin too.
7. YOU CAN DISABLE JASON'S TRAPS. I think it requires or burns a pocketknife, but it can be done. (Edit: I might have been wrong about this one but I'm going to test it at the earliest opportunity, but I swear I saw it happen spectating in matchmaking)
8. If he has you dead to rights, make Jason frustrated. At worst, you're helping your teammates escape for the time being (it isn't always about you); at best, there's a slim chance that Jason will give up on you (firecrackers and pocketknives help this). I've escaped several times because Jason got tired of chasing me around and went for another player.
9. Don't be afraid to go for a swim. I've won a couple matches by just swimming out the the pylons and floating. Don't do this too often, people catch on quick, but it's good for a one-off.
10: If you manage to grab the sweater and make it away from the shack alive, you seem to be invisible to Sense. It's the only guaranteed invisibility from that ability, so it can be worth it to pop on Pamela's old duds.
11. You will die. I'll say it again: You. Will. Die. You can't win every match. Do as much as you can and take the EXP and CP you earn, and move on. 

Now that you've accepted your fate, I think I have some suggestions for improvement:

-The visibility for driving the car could do with some improvement. I play about ten feet away from a 46" screen and I feel like I'm driving through the lopsided pane of a Gen 1 iPod. This could be improved a little bit. I'm not saying give the driver 3rd person camera, but a little bit better visibility.

-A la Part 3, you could add in a van that would replace both cars and the boat. Harder to get going, but could carry 6 maybe?

-Part 8 Jason could stand to lose a bit more grip strength because of his destructive power and the speed of his weapon kills. He's ridiculously fast at finishers. Aside from this, I think he's got a good balance.

-Instead of having Jason carry 5+ traps all at once, it might be good to have him return to his shack for them X amount of times, and carry 2 at a time. Part 2 Jason can lock down escape options ridiculously well. Maybe instead of carrying more traps, he could carry 3 at a time and make an extra return trip. It also might be good for Jason to have a small small chance to set off his own traps.

-I wouldn't mind seeing the remaining time be in some way attached to the number of surviving counselors remaining in game. It's frustrating to watch someone sit somewhere for 15 minutes, and it promotes backdoor sellouts via messages or party chats. I think hiding is a legitimate strategy, but it can get old pretty quickly.

-It would be nice to get some "Final Girl"/"Last Man Standing" experience for outliving the other counselors, even if Jason wipes everyone.

-Passenger weapons might be a bit much, but firecrackers out the window could be an excellent addition to incentivize getting passengers instead of bolting. Also, people should be able to enter the vehicle as it's being started, at least.

-As someone who doesn't mind being a sacrificial lamb, it would be nice to have a one-use option to force Jason to hold on to me longer before he can execute a finisher, giving others nearby a better opportunity to escape. To use this, I'd have to forgo breaking free, which I think would be a fair trade. Obviously, I would die as a result.

-For those that cry about Jason being OP, you'll like this one: Jason's Morph and Shift might be more cinematic if he weren't allowed to initiate them in a counselor's line of sight. Note, I say INITIATE, and not COME OUT OF. I don't mean if they have him on their screen, but if a counselor is facing Jason, with an unobstructed line of sight, he shouldn't be able to initiate a Morph or Shift.

-Jason's shack could do with more possible spawn rotations. They were fairly easy to memorize.

-Additional use for walkie-talkies: allow someone to drop an active walkie-talkie somewhere to throw their voice and mislead Jason, similar to the function of the radio.

-When you create a party, it would be nice for all of the nameplates not to be in various shades of red. I don't differentiate that well, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

-Personally, I would LOVE to have spawn preferences accessible from within a match lobby, as I've been kicked from a few for being Jason too many times due to others not setting their preferences. I'm not trying to hog the mask time, I just assumed people want to be Jason more often.

-We have perks for melee damage and fear reduction based on proximity of other counselors, it would be nice to also get a similar perk for stamina/run duration, for when you're all making that last dash to the flashing lights and sirens.

-I think it would be great if Rage disabled Stalk, but added a constant Sense in an extremely limited radius around Jason (maybe 5-15m).

That's all I got. Thanks, happy camping/hunting!

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