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Reminder of the function of the Report Button

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I would like to remind users, especially those that utilize the button quite often, that reporting material you find objectionable should be in lines with breaking the rules; 

1. Offensive/coarse language. 

2. Offensive images

3. Direct attacks. 

I have read quite a few reported posts where users have a disagreement, perhaps even an argument, but the vast majority of reports we are getting are simply due to nothing more than an argument. Please refrain from using the report button until actual insults, harassing posts, trollbait or clearly socially unacceptable behavior are displayed. 

Remember; reports are not simply due to not liking what the other person is saying, they are to mitigate users from stooping to personal attacks and using shock tactics to harass others they do not agree with. Please be mindful of when you press the report button. 

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