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Bugs. Those pesky, little bugs.

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It's been a while since I've been breathing the air of this forum, but bugs haven't been so scarce awhilest.

To start this off: Do you know the wall on the western side of the main house on the Higgin's Haven map? 2 times now, I've had Counselors get freed right out of my grab instead of the execution being performed when I pressed E. When I tried to kill someone there again in the same match, no interactive button was shown at the wall.

Also, I've been swinging my weapon through Jason's body multiple times now - and he wasn't performing an animation that would stop me from hitting him. As Jason, in return, some Counselors would be bugged so my weapon/grab wouldn't hit them.

Then, I've had a Chad bugged in a closet that I couldn't press E on or hit him through, and another player standing inside of a bed, unable to get out (but still being hittable by attacks).

If you use a perk that lets you get in and out of hiding spots faster, the camera will stay in the exit setting for as long as an exit at usual speed would cause it to. This means you can already walk around, but you'll not see what you're doing for a second or two.

Additionally, I placed another trap on a lamp above a door the other side. They're not meant to be placed on the outside, I suppose.

And every once in a while, my Jason gets stuck in front of the door when opening it with his weapon.

Talking about doors: You can't barricade a door by holding E from its far left or right, similar to the throwing darts or probably the blocked executions (but it's due to a general intersection there). You will be moved by a small bit, but you won't actually act and the "E/Hold E" will be invisible.

I'm sorry for coming up with so many of those, but I might even add more of them in the future. Hopefully, they can at least help the game become the best version of itself.

Yet don't forget implementing some kind of blockability against the grabs.

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