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Friday the 13th in Pop Culture

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One of the really cool things that draws us to Friday the 13th, at least in my opinion, is that we've got a hell of a lot of references to Jason Voorhees popping up in everyday life. It's almost impossible to look at the Hockey Mask and not think of Jason Voorhees. Hell, even looking at a machete evokes the murderous intent that Jason brings with each of his movies, even though he uses an incredibly wide variety of weapons throughout the series. 


Today, however, I want to touch up on the pervasiveness that Friday the 13th brings to pop-culture, and the various places we've seen Jason in day-to-day life. 


Here's 11 of some of the coolest Jason Voorhees Pop-Culture References: 


11. Arsenio Hall Show



Okay, most of you are probably familiar with this incredibly hilarious sketch where Arsenio Hall (Coming to America, Harlem Nights) invites Jason Voorhees to the studio for an interview. The interview occurred as a promotion for Friday the 13th, Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. The incredibly imposing Kane Hodder showed up in full costume for the interview...and well, its probably one of the best interviews from the show. 


Arsenio Hall even touches Jason...and isn't murdered. The entire interview is astounding as no one is actually murdered. Rather odd, right? Arsenio spends quite a bit of time trying to get to the root of all of Jason's anger, but doesn't get very far in that endeavor. He even goads Jason into basically losing his touch by not killing as many people as he usually does. Those of you who've seen all the movies know that it actually ties with the 18 kills from Part 6. 



10. Family Guy


Of course, the biggest pop-culture reference factory on the planet is probably Seth Macfarlane and his writing team at Family Guy! It was bound to happen that Jason would show up, and he definitely has in hilarious style. 


He's shown up a total of five times over the entire Family Guy run (which is of course, still ongoing.) Jason has always, always been presented as a 'normal citizen,' who just so happens to enjoy stabbing people to death. His first appearance set the tone as he's interviewed by Asian Reporter Trisha Takanawa about the revitlization of Lake Quahog. In it, he comments on the positive impact of the recent cleaning of the lake...however he decides to stab two girls in bikinis that happen to talk by. No one seems to care as he continues his interview. Later in the episode, he is revealed to be the manager of a laundromat, where he threatens to kill his employee if she screws up. Again, no one seems to mind. 


The murder stabby murder gag occurs yet again while Jason is attending mass, speaking from a passage from the bible. In what could be described as particularly brutal...even for Jason, he stabs two young children who happen to run past as though he were taking care of a pest problem.


Turns out Jason even has a son, Justin...who he drops off at Fat Camp. The gag involves the murder of a fat kid at said Camp and all eyes turn to Jason. He denies the murder while his fat young son stabs him in the leg as though it were no big deal.


Finally; Jason has appeared as a home-buyer with Brian Griffin as his realtor. After buying a cabin near a camp, Jason immediately buys the property. To make the sale even better, he learns that murders had occurred in the house.




9. Simpsons


Jason Voorhees and The Simpsons have a long and fruitful list of cameos and references...which isn't surprising for a show that's been around almost as long as Friday the 13th. The earliest reference actually showed up in season 2, where Lisa mentions the movie to Bart in the original Treehouse of Horror episode! From then on, we get our first visual reference from Homer in season 5, where he bursts into Bart's room with an iconic hockey mask, though he's wielding a Leatherface standard chainsaw. 





It would take several more seasons for Jason to actually appear, another five more to be exact. Jason, along with his usual horror rival Freddy Krueger, show up in the opening couch gag in place of the Simpson family. They open up yet another Treehouse of Horror episode by actually speaking to one another (whaaaa?) about their plans for the day. However, one reference to the franchise did occur in the form of the Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma sound as several campers are attacked by an unseen assailant. 




For eight more seasons, Jason wouldn't show up, just references to the franchise. Season 10 also had a biker gang staying at Camp Crystal Lake, whereas Season 12 had Tom Savini as a guest where his Friday the 13th work is mentioned by Lisa. Jason himself shows up by season 18 in G.I. (Annoyed Grunt), running from a helicopter. He's actually blown up in the gag. 




Knowing Jason, you can't really kill him...so yet again in season 18 Jason returns in Bart's imagination only to be killed alongside Pinhead and a giant math book by Santa's Little Helper Robocop. Because reasons. 




Jason would not return until season 26, where he sneaks up behind a Park Ranger, killing her and taking over her phone call. 




While that does mark the final appearance of Jason thus far, a reference to Jason was made just last year in season 27, where Lisa is scared by three men wearing hockey masks in the style of Jason Voorhees. 




There are certainly bound to be more references down the road!




8. Robot Chicken


For those unfamiliar with the show on Adult Swim, it's helmed by Seth Green (who also voices Chris Griffin on Family Guy) and Matthew Senreich. The entire show is involved with pop-culture references and celebrity commentary in the form of using stop-motion toys and claymation. Jason Voorhees has shown up multiple times in various skits. 


The first skit involving Jason Voorhees depicted his every-day life at home, joking that his murdering rampages only occur on Friday the 13th, where the rest of the time he has is spent in regular every-day middle class suburban America. 



The Robot Chicken team has even joked about Jason's 'Deceiving Speed,' which...completely makes sense. Totally. 



He's even taken on Scooby Doo and the gang, with a skit modeled on the original Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! show from the 60s. The gang does not fair well, but Velma (using the pure virgin trope) successfully stops Jason...who in fact turns out to be Old Man Philips who was trying to get the hundreds of dollars worth of Spanish Dabloons at the bottom of Crystal Lake. Things get weird. 



Of course, Jason isn't done and later episodes of Robot Chicken have gone nutty. Given that Jason Voorhees can't be killed...well, its obvious he's got to take on Godzilla when he starts to rampage. 



Lastly, a few teens show up to enjoy some good ole pre-martial sex...which draws Jason and Michael from their....uh...lairs. It's best horror friends forever!



Gotta hand it to Robot Chicken, it all clearly makes sense. 


7. MTV Awards


You'll have to forgive the quality on the video, but this is definitely an appreciation of Jason in all of his glory. The MTV Movie Awards in 1992 decided to give Jason his just due with the Lifetime Achievement Award in full award show pomp and circumstance. A nice opening from comedian Dennis Miller followed by a moving tribute to Jason featuring the music stylings of Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' culminates in Jason showing up to receive his aware. Hilarious, the 'young kid with a dream' is portrayed by Jon Lovitz...who happens to have a hockey masked girlfriend beside him. Because why not? 




6. South Park - Imagination Land


This one isn't as in-depth as the previous entries, but Jason Voorhees shows up even in South Park! For those of you who haven't seen the show, it's...well, over the top in just about every way. You might be wondering how he's portrayed, but you'd be wrong if you thought they brought him into the quiet little, redneck, po-dunk, white-trash, kick-ass, mountain town of theirs known as South Park. His only appearance thus far is actually from the Imagination Land three-part mini-series that occurred in season 11. Butters (the most innocent kid in the show) is stuck in Imagination Land after terrorists blow up a wall that separate the good characters from the bad. Jason narrowly misses Butters during the initial attack. Later on, and in true comedy styling...South Park gives Jason a voice, deciding to give him a rather flamboyant one as he comments on the absolute evil that are the Woodland Christmas Critters dreamed up by Cartman from season 8. 


His appearance almost looks like its from Part 8...right?





5. Dead Island - Jason Voorhees shows up


A gaming reference! Jason hasn't been in an actual video game for over 25 years, but he has been nodded to on multiple occasions. One of the funnest ones happens to be in another major horror game, Dead Island. Released in 2011, you control one of four characters trying to escape a small island resort in Papua New Guinea. A character named 'Jason' can be found off the main highway in the game located at a small house. He's got several crucifed corpses around, definitely signifying he's hostile. He is rather high-level, wields a machete and is wearing a hockey mask...a clear nod to the infamous Friday the 13th killer. 





4. GTA V - White Hockey Mask


Of course we need another gaming reference, we're making a game after all! Jason Voorhees doesn't necessarily show up in Grand Theft Auto, but the Rockstar team has been dropping pop-culture references and spooky things into their games since GTA III, over 10 years ago. A 'White Hockey Mask' can be purchased in-game, sporting the iconic red marks seen on Jason's mask. However, an update did change the look of the design so it no longer looks as close to the Friday the 13th version. 




The update did change some things...





3. The Onion - Cheney Returns to Camp Crystal Lake  


Probably one of the more hilarious references comes from the kings of satire; The Onion. Billing itself as America's Finest News Source, The Onion reported on September 15, 2004 that Dick Cheney had returned to his lair at Camp Crystal Lake after finishing his run as Vice President of the United States. The article comments that the camp had seen a spat of unsolved murders, which were totally and completely not related to Mr. Cheney. In fact, most had believed Mr. Cheney to be dead for some time. It's all just a myth, clearly. 


Read more here: 





2. Blood - Jason Shrine


Monolith Productions is an incredibly long-standing video game developer and publisher, and Blood, their 1997 first-person horror shooter came out at a time where many were clamoring for more games like Quake. While not as memorable as other titles from that same year (Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, GoldenEye 007, Fallout, Grand Theft Auto...), it has been regarded as one of the most underappreciated shooters from the 90s. 


Monolith's horror roots definitely showed with their first title, as they'd go on to create the F.E.A.R. and Condemned franchises in the mid 2000's. Jason Voorhees was definitely a favorite franchise among the team, as it's possible to find several references in the game! Besides naming one of the maps as Crystal Lake, it is entirely possible to recognize multiple locations from the films in-game. Players can even find a shrine that looks like it has the severed head of Mrs. Voorhees, right next to a hockey mask and machete hanging up against the wall. Of course, to get 'God Mode,' simply plug in the cheat 'Voorhees,' and you become unkillable!





1. Jason at RadioShack Super Bowl Ad


Last but not least, RadioShack showcased Jason Voorhees in a freakin' Super Bowl ad in 2014! That's crazy! RadioShack uses their 1 minute slot to showcase a new 3D printer, where Jason takes the opportunity to create an exact copy of the sales' clerks house keys. Said sales clerk quiets down rather quickly as Jason walks away, key in hand. 



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National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, when Clark is cutting his christmas tree and he walks out of his garage with a chain saw and a all white hockey mask giving a little reference to Jason.


I always liked that scene so just thought Id throw that out there.

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"...Shit, half the shit I say, I just make it up
To make you mad, so kiss my white naked ass
And if it's not a rapper that I'll make it as
I'mma be a fuckin' rapist in a Jason mask.

—Final verse to Eminem's "Criminal"
I find this to be quite interesting.

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aE7gQUi.jpg VaHRg6q.jpg


I Currently Play the Pay Once-Play Forever MMO "The Secret World", set in the Real World, where you Join either the Dragons, Illuminati, Or Templars, and Battle All sorts of Lovecraftian Monsters or Other Horrors. like Zombies, Wendigos, Demons, Deep Ones, Psychotic Cults, or Eldritch Abominations, Everything is True,All those Boogyman Exist, and i Managed to Find Jason's Hockey Mask, so i decided to Dress up as Jason and Show those Monsters some Real Horror.

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