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Current Exploits - Perks Being Sold

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Want to be upfront with this, as the problem seems to be growing, and that's our apologies to you. Our team is aware of the backend exploit that is occurring with users losing their Perks due to the exploitation of other users with your save data. We have brought on a third party team that is responsible for security for major companies around the world to handle this issue now that our game is out and we can properly support something like this. 

This exploit in no way affects your SteamID, your personal data or anything of a personal nature. We do not store anything like that; your accounts are simply for unlocks and profile save data. 

We understand the frustration and anger that you guys are experiencing as a result of these griefer fuckshits, but know that our team is very much aware of what is going on and are implementing new security features to prevent this from occurring again. 

It is not an immediate implementation, but it is something we are working on right now to ensure the stability of this game. Many of you probably play other games that utilize these security features so we very much hope to get this system in quickly and without issue. I do not have a time for that, but know that things are moving forward. We will make this right for our users affected by this. 


To those of you that are actively engaged in the manipulation of this exploit; I ask you, out of the bottom of my heart, to please quit doing this. I understand that shit is fun, I understand that it's something to get a rise out of others and that you feel like you can get away with it, but I promise you this; we are paying attention. Please, consider for the sake of allowing everyone to have fun with the game, to stop at this time. Continuing on this path won't end well for anyone. I thank you for your consideration. 

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