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First off I am loving the game greatly its a lot of fun to play with people, but I do have suggestions for fixes, besides matchmaking and bugs.

First and foremost, I think the games greatest strength and weakness is its Executions Jason can perform, They look cool, you feel deadly, but they are used way to frequently to the point that a good Jason player will abuse this system for an easy win. It makes surviving a grab pretty much impossible unless you have a pocket knife. I have learned one rule as a camp councilor, Don't get caught, and if you have a pocket knife, still don't get caught. Most Jason players I have seen, just grab and execute as soon as it lets them, the extra points is not incentive enough to use environmental kills, but I do have a suggestion to fix this, and make the break free and combat stance a little more viable. Make executions available to use on low health opponents. So that for one, Jason will need to actual use his swing, and two give the other players a chance to actually break free. Also this will incentive the Jason player to seek out environmental kills. Since you should keep these as an instant kill. Hopefully this will help the surviving players to actually survive, and make Jason use some tactics other than Shift to target and grab followed by immediate execute. Shift I think also needs some work on Cool downs, but I'm still uncertain with that. Lastly, We should have a reliable way to dodge a grab from Jason, I noticed most Jasons wont really try to fight, when they can just grab atm, but this might be fixed if executions are based on health and not on Just a grab and a cool down.


One last suggestion, allow exp to be awarded to players who die, for every player that escapes, I normally will play the martyr and sacrifice myself to let others escape, so I should get some martyrdom points lol, but that is your choice.



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