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As the title says, I think this game would be better if there's a language filter or some sort because I'm tired of having lobbies full of rude Chinese players who yell at me for talking in English.

Imagine this:

Players need to put their spoken language preference so that the English speaking players would be put on the same lobby as the other English speaking players and etc. If that worked, then both parties would have a better game immersion without language barriers.

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Well they do have a "thick skin" perk lol I have to agree on the foreign language thing tho - it's kinda lame having a language barrier with the other counsellors or not being able to eavesdrop as Jason because foreign language - hopefully mm is region dependent but I have no idea what they're doing to try to fix queue times - got 2 in a row last night where there were large parties speaking French and i think Pashto 

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