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Bug Reporting

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Welcome to the bug reporting section of the forums! Use this section of the forum to report game bugs and crashes. Listed below are guidelines of how to create a clear and concise bug report so that the issue can be investigated in a expedient manner.


  •   In the title, briefly describe the bug or crash and specify as to which issue you encountered. [GAMEPLAY] [CRASH] 


  • In the body of the post, please write a descriptive narrative explaining how the bug / crash occurred and what steps happened leading up to it.


  • If you are able to reproduce the issue, please include a numbered step by step guide explaining how you achieved reproduction of the issue.


  • Be sure to include the frequency in which the issue occurs in addition including Logs, dxdiag if it is a crash and if a gameplay issue, if possible include videos and screen shots of the issue. You will also need to provide your Steam ID account, Gamertag, or PSN ID links so that if needed, it can be further looked into without delay.




[GamePlay] - Stuck on fence at Higgins Haven Barn

When playing as Jason Part 3 on Higgins Haven, I was chasing two counselors past the barn. I used shift to catch up and slightly clipped the fence. When I came out of shift I was stuck on the fence post and unable to move. I could not use my axe to free myself from the fence and I could not morph or shift out of it. I was stuck for the duration of the game and had to wait until it ended.

I was able to recreate this by doing the following:

1) Engage shift

2) Hit the fence post at the Higgins barn between the 3rd and 4th post diagonally.

3) Became stuck 

This has happened to me 3 times while playing as Jason on Higgins Haven

I am playing on PS4 PSN ID JarvisRules9090.  







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