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Hey all

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Hey all. Longtime Friday the 13th fan. I am 43 years old now, but was 8 years old when I happened to catch the last half hour of Part 2 on TV. It gave me nightmares but I loved it so much that I made my parents take me to see Part 3, which came out the following weekend. Since then, I have seen all of the first 8 films multiple times. (The remaining films I saw once each; the New Line films just do not have the same magic, if you can call it that.)

So, yeah, big fan of F13. Oh, and my name in real life is also Jason, so there is that.

I'm a newbie to the game. I've played in maybe 12 rounds so far, three times as Jason. I pretty much suck, but I enjoy it thoroughly.

I've also been playing with my twin 13 year old daughters, who love the game as much as I do. So if you ever catch me online and I sound like a teenage girl, that's why.

I have it on both consoles, so add me to either:

Xbox: brainsaddiction

PSN: jasonlore

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Welcome to the forums!

Enjoying it even if I suck is pretty much my game plan :P

It's funny, too, how we have this very violent game and yet it's really sweet that your kids play it as well. The family that plays together, slays together!


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