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6 hours ago, DamonD7 said:

Blazed through Wolfenstein The New Order and Wolfenstein The Old Blood in eleven days. Good stuff and now has me appropriately looking forward to The New Colossus, probably play that in November.

Also got through a replay of XCom Enemy Unknown so I've been playing XCom 2 for the past two days. Going right into the War of the Chosen added content version. All still a bit confusing at the moment (due to so many options and the global map has real time pressure to it now) but enjoying it a lot.

Aiming to still get in some Overwatch, and I really want to boost my F13th play. The Part IV stuff should really be a bit impetus for me, but I'd like to get in some more games even before the end of September yet.

The new Wolfenstein games show you can bring old school FPS into modern day gaming. I had a blast with the New Order and Old Blood, it's a nice break from the saturation of Call of Duty games.

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Yeah, the gunplay is swift and smooth, with great feedback. Having a bunch of little collectibles around gave me good reason to go back and find them all. The Nightmares are a nice easter egg, too!

The world building in New Order is particularly impressive. The first half of that game, before you start gaining materials and strike back, really feels oppressive and hopeless.
They also do a fantastic job not just with the whole "what happen if the Nazis win?" approach but also with showing how screwed up and horrible it is for almost everyone, outside the real Nazi elite. Particularly credit for the authentic and varied voice acting there, if it was all English or English with a German accent it'd lose a ton of authenticity.

Old Blood is more bitesize, but the late game swerve is really fun.

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I'm very disappointed no one here has mentioned a Dark Souls game.

I saw Bloodborne, which was also an amazing game, but still...


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