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For the beta players: How would you rate yourself?

Beta experience level  

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  1. 1. How would you rate your skill based on your experience in the beta?

    • I didn't play the beta
    • Pretty inexperienced
    • Average experience
    • Pretty experienced
    • Very experienced

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Hey everyone. So I just had a random thought and thought I'd make a poll about to see what the general consensus is :)

This poll is mainly for beta players, so I'll toggle on the names of everyone who votes. 

Did you play the beta? From the time you had playing it, how would you rate yourself in terms of skill? I've put a few options down below with explanations, please vote honestly!

  • I didn't play the beta - Vote for this if you didn't play the beta.
  • Pretty inexperienced - You played the beta a bit, but not much. You may have played a few of the counsellors and maybe Jason too. However, you probably couldn't name all of the locations of the camps in Higgins Haven off by heart, don't know many locations where you could find key items and probably got killed an awful lot. You might have escaped once or twice.
  • Average experience - You probably got about 5-10 hours worth of playtime in the beta. You played most of the counsellors and have definitely played Jason at least a few times. You could probably name a few of the camps in Higgins Haven off by heart, and you know a few places where key items like fuel, cars and batteries spawn. You definitely managed to escape at least once, and probably died less frequently than some others.
  • Pretty experienced - You probably got about 10-20 hours worth of playtime in the beta. You tried nearly every counsellor and definitely discovered which one was your favourite. You probably got to play at least 2 out of the 3 available Jasons as well. You know the Higgins Haven map well and generally knew where to go and where to look if you needed a specific item (e.g.: you knew the barn was a good spot for a battery or fuel, and you also knew that a shotgun could spawn on top of a barrel at the back). You escaped multiple times, and whilst you still died often enough, your knowledge of the game definitely gave you an advantage over other players.
  • Very experienced - You probably played the beta for 20+ hours over the 5 days it was out. You tried every counsellor and every Jason and discovered who was best at doing what. You know the Higgins Haven map inside out, including the location of items in obscure areas (e.g.: you knew you could find a shotgun in the barn and Higgins House, but also on top of a tree stump near the tent by the graveyard). You escaped probably quite a lot compared to most players, and your knowledge of the game gave you a huge advantage over others.

Lets see how many people played the beta, and how they would rate themselves based on the time they had with it :)

I'm going to put myself as 'very experienced', as I pretty much no-lifed the game for 5 solid days. 


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