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Jason and Counsellor ideas!

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So, hello! I'm new to this forum sort of thing but this game is incredible and from what I've seen the developers are really close to their community; since there has been hints to more content (hopefully in the form of new Jason's and counsellors) I've been creating some ideas and I kind of want to share them, to see what everyone thinks, get a good discussion going and hopefully the developers might see this ! The first counsellor is a "stoner guy", this is an idea I had way back before the rocker chick came out as I also thought of someone like her at the same time (btw Rocker chick and nerdy guy are my favourite so far!), this guy would be based around Chuck from Part 3!!!! I really think he can be unique as he would have a high composure as, you know, he would be high all the time :lol:, quite lucky as unintentionally getting out of dangerous situations (basically a bit dopy), his speed and stamina will be low as he is not physically fit and intelligence the lowest as all that weed has killed off his brain cells. Stealth and strength will be at even fives so not too bad there but he would be good to be around as his positive attitude will reduce fear more than any other counsellor when around him.

I have also created stats for a Part 4 Jason; his weapon would have to be a machete, yes, part 7 Jason has one but it can be a different type like all of the Jason's with an axe. His grab kills will be 1) a simple stab down the body - reason: he does this to Sam when she is in the rubber dingy. 2) throwing weapon a weapon, although with an axe with other Jason's he can do this with a machete to -  reason: he throws an axe through a door, hitting and killing Sarah. 3) clever to the face - reason: the awesome kill of Jimmy from Jason, too iconic to ignore although I am not that skilled enough to create a logo - "Hey Ted! Where the hells the cork screw?". 4) Iconic head crush - Doug's death.                                                                                                                                Strengths; 1) Can run - reason: Part 4 Jason is seen running many times and all the Jason's run until part 6 (Zombie Jason!!) 2) Grip strength - reason: this Jason is pretty good at grabbing victims, the nurse in the hospital, grabbing Tina through a window before throwing her out and Doug's face in the shower. 3) Better sense - reason: his Jason had to have had sense, he moved from his death bed on to killing to people at the hospital morgue, and like most Jason's knew were all of his victims were.                                                                                                                     Weaknesses; 1) Traps - reason: okay I needed a weakness, not off to a good start at weaknesses? Well this Jason was being hunted by Rob and usually successful in avoiding his traps, this Jason was still susceptible to being trapped. 2) Defense - reason: in part 4 Jason takes a beaten, mostly so by a child by the name of Tommy Jarvis, which kills him, kind of embarrassing. 3) Shift - reason: needed another weakness + do you agree he was all that good at getting up behind people? They usually spot them first. 

Again sorry about the photos, I will try and find a way? Hey. developers! Any help? But it you guys really want then email me at jd31701@icloud.com     ! Thanks ! ;)    

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Welcome to the forums!

And yup, Babalonkie's link is a great place to look on those thoughts.

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