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Game Info, Pacing, and Changes for Launch

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So with the eventual impending launch, I figured we could make a list for new players to easily find some info and also to chat/review some of the changes since beta and how it might affect gameplay as well as how the game flow will go over the 20 minute time limit. Here's a short list. Add anything I missed if you want and I'll edit the OP later. 

* Drawers now stay open when searched.

* Calling the Police: You need a fuse before you can call the cops.

* Shift Grab seems to have been tweaked.

* Stalk: Jason can now stalk without the music giving him away.

* Sense and Sound: Jason's key tracking abilities have been tweaked a bit for easily helping councilors transition to one of the living impaired.

* Councilor Stats: Stamina and stat tweaks for all councilors.

* Breakable Fences: Fences are now breakable, putting an end to one loop scenario.

* Jason gets traps and throwing weapons.

* Councilors can use Firecrackers and Flare Guns to stun Jason.

* The new maps, which we still know little about.

That's a start. I think the drawers staying open when searched will speed up the gameplay quite a bit. That's actually a pretty big time sink eliminated. As for the cop calling, that one is still a bit of a need-to-see-in-action one. If the fuse is in the house right by the phone it shouldn't add too much time to calling the cops, how long they take to arrive is the next question.

Have at it fellas.

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