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Skilled Apple's Friday The 13th Video Thread - Stay Informed!

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Welcome everyone to your one stop shop for Skilled Apple Friday the 13th Videos!

Remember to follow this topic to get updated immiedately! 


I take pride in always trying to put out the first videos containing information regarding Friday the 13th, while still maintaining a good quality video. I will make sure to update this post whenever I do a video regarding Friday the 13th, and will post a reply to let people know it has been updated. I also have a playlist that will be automatically updated whenever anything Friday the 13th related is posted on my channel, to make it easier for that specific content.

I very much have my own opinions, and there are times my videos will share a very strongly agreeable/disagreeable opinion - to which I would LOVE some friendly debate. Thank you for watching, and let's kill it! Super thanks to Gun Media and all of Friday the 13th's awesome fans! I got to meet a lot of cool people during the beta, and it's easy to know that F13 has the best fanbase.

Last Updated: 4/25/2017
FAN RAP: Nightmare

It was all performed in <2 hours, including the video editing. It's rough, but I think we did kind of good haha!


4/20/17: Tom Savini Skin Reveal




4/4/17: Jason Has Traps!



12/20/16: ENTIRE Archived live stream!



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Great stuff!  Keep the updates comin' via vids, there's alot of competition. :)


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It's finally here!

We have been given an official release date! Probably my shortest video ever, but my excitement can't be contained!

The wait is almost over. I'm so pumped, how about you guys?

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Just updated and added our newest video! It's.. different. It's actually a fanmade rap in collaboration with a smaller youtuber, Asylum Studios. We did the entire song in 2 takes, and we threw the video together in less than 2 hours. It was a bit over 2 hours to have it uploaded and all that though!

Hope you guys like it:P 


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