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Sup Forums!

Had another idea and im gonna post it in a new thread to keep it all tidy.


So i had an idea for a challenge system where you could earn extra cp and xp for doing stuff in game.


Ex. "Set 20 bear traps"  300 xp


kinda goes with the other thread i made where you can pick what you want when you want.


Also, You can pick from a list of the challenges instead of being randomly assigned 3 that your stuck with untill you finish them.


Maybe they have a time limit to complete them?


Just throwing ideas out there.


Have a awesome day!







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I like this.  Gotta few ideas myself, with the presupposition that only a couple will be applied each match:


- Be the one to hit Jason's Mask off his face: +500


- Land the first hit on Jason: +50


- A certain selected player survives the match: +450


- Pick up the keys after someone who has them dies, and then proceed to escape with the car without crashing: +1,250


- Escape by Car without crashing: +100


- Escape by Car after Jason has disabled it: +150


- Never be grabbed by Jason: +300


- Repair two means of escape by yourself: +400


- Visit every single building on the map (includes Jason's Shack): +200


- Stun Jason with a Flare Gun: +25

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In addition I made a post about collecting all Jason masks to your stats if you grab it off the ground and survive the match!

But yes I like ^ those ideas!

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