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PS4 Camera help?

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Hey guys I just picked up the latest version of the PS4 camera and have used it a few times streaming games directly to my YouTube Channel. It's all new to me but I figured out how to use it to an extent.

The issue I'm having is last night I tried to live stream a YouTube video from my channel but when I clicked the share button on my controller the screen menu that usually has "broadcast live" wasn't there!? It works when a game is on but not when I open my PS4 YouTube app.

Not sure if there is something else I can do to make this work? If so any help would be appreciated!


See I'm trying to stream a video I made it's a short horror film all original no copyright material! I was going to live stream it off my channel so I can have fun with viewers and narrate it as we watch it and explain how parts were shot and so on!

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