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Giving Indies Support: Mordhau

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Wanna support a medieval first person melee game? Mordhau.


It looks like Chivalry, but give it a chance and PLEASE take time to watch these update videos. I'll be updating this Thread with Mordhau stuffs:




Keep in mind; this is Pre-alpha footage, shown a year ago.




Did I mention this game features customization?





If these videos have not convinced you of the game's quality, there is nothing more to be discussed here, you can go about your business.


But if you do wanna support this game; the Kickstarter is beginning on the 8th of March. That's right. THIS WEEK!!! Get your wallets ready!





If you wanna know more, visit the team's Forum page. Here, you can find updated screenshots of the game... they look quiet magnificent.






Kickstarter Trailer






Kickstarter Page






Steam Greenlight

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I have merged your posts and deleted the other two. Please in the future just post once. Bumping topics is not allowed.

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