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Friday the 13th Collectibles

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I don't have a very impressive collection outside of autographs- mostly odds and ends. I really downsized the crap I keep but I have things like the McFarlane toy, a NECA NES mask, some custom masks, etc.


For autographs, I just need Tom Morga and I have what I'd considering a complete set of the people to play Jason.

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I have a HUGE COLLECTION, from the comics and old Fangorias, to the Sideshow 12" figures. The mask molded from part 3's mold by one of the Fx designers on the set, Dana Kimmel's autograph on film still, Jason hockey mask belt buckle on Friday the 13th belt, etc, etc, etc.


I started collecting since early 1980, with the Fangoria mags, and then got the Jason part 4 model from 'Screamin' model kits (vinyl). I don't have any of the sountracks unfortunately, but almost everything else. I also haven't picked up any of the NECA figs for Friday, but do have "Snake Plisskens" and the "Predator", "Alien", etc.


I had the snowglobe of Friday, but my daughter 'checked it in' when she was little. Now it's a mantle piece in her room. LOL! My other daughter made us buy her a Jason plushie for her 'teddy bear', and also the "Friday the 13th" lunchbox.

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