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What's good everyone. My name is Joe. Big Friday the 13th fan here. Can't wait for this game to finally come out, heck even a release date would make me at ease, lol.


Will be playing it on Xbox one when it does come out and would be great to play online with a few of you. Send some gamertags.


Anyway, cheers all and Jason 4 Life. Sucks the new movie just got shot down.

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Hey.  Fellow Xbox One gamer here too!   Your in good company man.  All of us are ready to kill each other if it meant finding out a release date for this game!  ha ha ha.

Hey don't feel too bad about the movie being cancelled.  Based on Reddit it sounded like a real winner of a shatty movie!  I don't know why they can't just go back and set it in the 80s!  Look at Stranger Things tv series.  Set in the 80s.  Great story and characters.  It just rocked.  Oh well, that's Hollywood for ya.

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