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Hello everyone :D I hope you are all as hyped as i am to play this game :). A good thing i've learned is that early 2017 is going to end sooner then later so they cant keep saying that forever XD. When this game gets emailed to me i'm probably gonna main A.j Mason or Deborah depending on which i unlock first. A quick question before I end my post is every counselor has a max stat right? Deborah has 10 intelligence, Vanessa has 10 stamina (or speed i cant remember) A.j Mason has 10 stealth, Chad has 10 luck. So what's tiffanys max stat? (Excluding Kenny because hes the all around character you see in every game). I'm glad I could write this to you all :)


Oh and i forgot about Jenny who has 10 composure

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Welcome to the forums!


Tiffany has got a 10 in Stealth, that's her max stat. Followed by Stamina at 7. Good for sneaking and running, not so hot at fighting Jason off if cornered and she sadly really struggles with repairing & fixing things.

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