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Surveys go out soon. How long can I wait to decide what I want?

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I only game on PC unless there is a rare reason why I would use a console, like an exclusive or maybe something online. The reason being I am so use to the controller and have a wireless keyboard & mouse and it's not good for online PC gaming, where of course, most everyone uses keyboard and mouse. In my situation my gaming rig is not setup for that method... at all... 


I hate online multiplayer 99% of the time and stick with single player campaigns on PC. However I have give Battlefront on PS4 some game time once in a while but it's god awful ugly at 900p with no anti aliasing enabled compared to the PC version, which I also have but suck at because like I said, my situation only allows for a controller. 


So It's going to be difficult for me to decide on which edition to go with when it's time to fill out my survey. I originally backed the game with the assumption there would be a campaign but as it looks now, even with a slacker backer, it's so ridiculously high on the chart that I don't believe it will happen. How long will the survey last before it's required to fill it out and send it in. Will there be sufficient gameplay footage in that time frame and will technical specs on the game be released before hand. I game at 4k and would hate to go with the PS4 version to find out they went with 1080p but didn't use any anti-aliasing in order to accomplish it, making the game look like total butt on my system with all the jagged lines.


Sorry to be a stickler, I know there are lots of people out there that don't give a shit about the quality of their games and the value of ones personal time invested in the experience. But I do care and I want to know before I commit to the wrong version. I can settle for the PS4 version if I know all the graphical bells and whistled are on making it a graphically clean image at 1080p with full screen anti-aliasing.


I know for a fact that some of you frequent other gaming sites and act like total dicks when the subject comes up so give it a rest already. Perhaps some nice developer can give me a straight answer then lock this topic. Maybe the PC version will not be as competitive where no matter if you use K&M or controller the gameplay will be the same.

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My survey will only contain one question.

"What system would you like your digital copy of the game on?

        1. PS4

        2. Steam

        3. Xbox One


I would have loved to be in the credit roll, taken part in the beta or even have had a physical copy of the game, but money was tight.  So yeah.  Xbox one Digital code please!  :D

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There is a lock out period when you can't update your answers anymore but when that will be was not mentioned.

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