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A look at how F13 would be if it was in First person view

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So lately Paul Phoenix released some videos of him playing around with the game models,i still hate the guy for the questionable things he does,but he does give us videos wich contain good close ups of the models.


Here are a fews videos wich show killing animations from Jason point of view in FPS.














So what do you guys think ?


I must say,the movements look actually quite fluid for a First Person View.


bonus video of Part 6 Jason killing with his fence post : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhW3G9D5n2M

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I've been wondering how he gets away with that stuff- doesn't that infringe on some form of copyright, etc?

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Cute as an experiment, but hopefully 1st person never makes it into the real game. It would totally ruin the mood. 

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