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Six Eight Two

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I am leaking this information to this forum because it must be made known the atrocities that the SCP Foundation has committed.


This atrocity... is that the indie game, Six Eight Two, was supposedly cancelled.



For those who do not know... Six Eight Two was a project based around the SCP story of SCP-682, otherwise known as the "Hard To Destroy Reptile".  The SCP File can be found here.


The game concept centered around SCP-682's containment breach right after Addendum 682-B.  You are an agent teaming up with other agents/Class-D Personal to re-contain SCP-682.


SCP-682 is an intelligent being as well as adaptable.  SCP-682 begins at his normal stage, which he is the weakest during this point of the game, though still posing a massive threat to the players.  You can injure SCP-682 in various ways; you can shoot of limbs, blind him, or target weak points to slow him down.  But SCP-682 is hard to kill for a reason; 682 will proceed to adapt after sustaining a particular injury.  For example, if you shoot of a limb, 682 will regrow it, and the next time it is shot off, it will simply regrow faster.  Or 682 will develop more absorbent scales, requiring you to use heavier weapons for the same result.


Or maybe you can blind 682 by shooting out its eyes, but next time it will grow MORE eyes during the next encounter, or every time his eyes are shut scales prevent you from destroying them.


Sadly, as far as I know (there has yet to be confirmation) the game is no longer in development... No news.  Simply silence for over three years.


So I would love to speculate as to how the game would be like, in the idea's memory.  There is still an alpha build that can be played but it's just a giant lizard that chases you.  You can beat it but it requires two people.


I will now go into the gameplay mechanics of SCP-682 himself


682 can be AI or player controlled.  He has 2 attacks:


- Lunge


- Chomp


Lunge grabs a player in the maw of 682.  He can then proceed to thrash the mouse around violently to chew them up and tear them apart, similar to Depth with the shark mechanic.  There is a chance of the player escaping, and them escaping stuns 682.


Chomp deals damage casually, without the risk of escaping players.


SCP-682 has "health" but not in the traditional sense.  This health determines how active 682 can be in combat.  Once his health hits zero, 682 faints for a good twenty seconds before rising back up.



There are three things for SCP-682 to do in order to enhance his abilities:  Circumstantial Adaptation, Evolution, and Natural Adaptation


Circumstantial Adaptation refers to damage done to 682 negated through added features.  For example, upon loosing an eye, 682 will develop three more eyes on each side of the skull to compensate and make sure it doesn't happen again.


Evolution refers to abilities 682 gains through kills.


Natural Adaptation refers to 682's ability to traverse particular environments or solve certain problems, such as not being able to enter through vents.  Natural Adaptation occurs overtime and is based around what the players use the most in terms of travel or tactics.



The following circumstantial adaptations are possible for Six Eight Two (Speculation.  Stages means that all of the previous adaptations are required for the next stage of adaptations)




- Reinforced Scales


- Growing Flesh (faster regeneration of lost limbs with slightly more resistance for each amputation)


- Extra Limbs (gives 682 more legs to support it if one is removed)





- Extra Eyes (gives more eyes)


- Reinforced Scale Eyelids


- Growing Eyes


Stage 2


- Cornea Layer (requires an extra bullet to penetrate the eye)


Stage 3


- Reflective Cornea Layer (the Cornea is made with a rubber-like substance that cannot be penetrated by traditional bullets; any attempt to do so causes ricochet)





- Healing Flesh (you are able to get your sense ability back faster)


- Multiple Nostrils (You get a nostril/sense tube in an extra area)


Stage 2


- Enhanced Healing (every time your sense is disabled, it is healed faster and becomes more powerful)





- Reinforced Scales (requires greater weaponry to penetrate)


- Shock Resistant Scales (resistant to shock/stun bullets or weapons)


- Incendiary Resistant Scales (resistant to incendiary ammo)


- Fire Resistant Flesh (resistant to fire, such as flamethrowers)


- Venom/Poison Resistant Bloodstream (resistant to any sort of poison, toxin, or venom)


- Corrosion Resistant Scales (resistant to corrosive weaponry, however corrosion does reset previous circumstantial adaptations)


- Flesh Regeneration (wounds heal faster)


Stage 2


- Reflective Scales (bullets are ricochet off scales)


- Scale Reconstruction (chunks of missing scales regenerate in minutes)


- Cell Multiplication (You can recover from explosions much faster; wounds heal twice as fast)





- Tail Regeneration (you can grow your tail back faster)


Stage 2


- Tail Flexibility (You can make controlled attacks with your tail)


- Belly Muscles (You can slither across the ground if all limbs are gone, allowing you to still consistently attack)


Stage 3


- Acidic Secretion (Your tail secretes an acid that drips off the end; tail attacks cause acidic damage)


- Enhanced Tail Flexibility (Your tail can whip players in front of you; combined with acid it can flick a small shower of acid on your enemies)





- Gills (allows you to breath underwater, adapts when you 'drown' in water)








- Saw Teeth (players that escape from your maw take bleeding damage)


- Masochism (allows you to eat a chunk of your own flesh in order to force a circumstantial adaptation to your body.  Can be done once every two minutes.  Has a 75% chance of taking damage.  Has a 25% chance of forcing adaptation and taking damage.  Can only be done while undamaged/at full health and out of sight)


- Acidic Spit (You drool acid.  Allows you to spray acid to blind and damage players.  Players being attacked by you take 10% acid damage.  Players in your maw take 15% acid damage.  Spit deals 25% acid damage.)


- Powerful Jaws (Your jaws are extremely powerful, allowing you to chomp down on victims more effectively.  Players trapped in your maw take more damage and makes it harder to escape, but you no longer get evolution points for maw kills.)


- Claws (Your legs grow more arm-like and have claws at the end of them.  Allows you claw attacks which cause bleeding damage)


- Muscular Legs (Your legs grow muscular, allowing you to move faster when sprinting)


Level 2 ~ Unlocked after five kills


- Corpse Consumption (you can eat corpses, allowing you to regain health)


- Camouflage (You evolve camouflage, which allows you to become transparent when moving but completely invisible when holding still)


- Disarming Chomp (When a player has their weapon raised in block position, you can lunge at them and disarm them)


- Hooked Pads (Allows you to walk on walls or the ceiling with pads on your feet)


- Agitation (You get excited at the thought of killing a human.  Your movement is 10% faster while around humans and sprint is 5% faster while around humans.  You gain a 50% speed boost after killing a human for 2 seconds).


- Spiked Tail (Your tail now gives bleeding damage)


- Quick Reflexes (Increases turn speed and chomp speed)


Level 3 ~ Unlocked after ten kills


- Hunting Instincts (You are able to mark a particular individual for the kill.  Killing this individual gives extra evolution points.  Negates the negative effect of "Powerful Jaw")


- Fresh Consumption (You consume the meat you kill, allowing you to regain health after each kill)


- Shock Absorbents (Your stomps become quieter, making it harder to detect you)


- Long Tongue (Your tongue exceeds normal length, allowing you to whip it at distances and hit players, dealing damage or wrapping the tongue around them and dragging them toward your maw)


Level 4 ~ Unlocked after fifteen kills


- Fearsome (Your very presence creates fear in even the most stable of men.  All guns become less accurate when you are nearby) 


- Painless (You learn to ignore most pain, reducing damage taken and the chances of players escaping your maw)



Natural Adaptation


These can be a wide variety of things.  Such as eventually gaining the ability to squeeze through vents or small spaces, or the ability to swim, or even puking out consumed bodies, reanimated to help find and trap players.  It depends on the most common tactic players use and the locations in which they traverse the most.



SCP-682 wins if he kills at least 30 people and finds and escapes the facility.




The agents/Class-D Personal have the objective of caging SCP-682 back up.


When facing off against a 682 human player, you must escape the level you're on and put it in lockdown mode, which you will proceed to lock all chamber doors and fill the level with an acid bath.


Doing so with AI 682, you must lure him back into the containment chamber  by using bait or other means.



- Painless (You learn to ignore most pain, reducing damage taken and the chances of players escaping your maw)

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These ideas are cool and all, but I don't know. I think I'd much prefer an open ended, chose your own adventure style RPG for the SCP universe.


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