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Issues with opening/playing game (XBOX ONE)

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Hello all.

I realize this is a long shot and probably situation specific, but thought I'd ask if anyone has run into this issue before and been able to resolve it.  

The issue goes as follows:

Platform - Xbox One, Disc Version (please advise if more information is needed)

Problem - Lately my friend has been having intermittent issues with either opening the application and/or being able to load into sessions with me while in a party. Up until a few weeks ago, they had not run into any problems like this before. Now, every once in a while, they will be simply unable to open the application despite numerous attempts (error stating that the game took too long to start). Also, the longer a play session goes (going in and out of sessions), it seems to get to a point where the game becomes laggy/buggy for them and causes them to have no choice but to try and restart the game (which is often when it is unable to open). They have tried the following solutions with mixed success:

  • Restarting/fully powering down the console
  • Hard reset of console
  • Uninstalling/reinstalling the game
  • Clearing the cache/persistent storage located in the settings

Sometimes one (or a mixture) of these things works and they are able to open the app again. Other times, the game simply will not work. It's almost as if the game got corrupted at some point, but I would think uninstalling and reinstalling the game would fix that. They have not run into this issue with any other application and nor have I.  

Has anyone else run into this issue and found a reliable solution?

Thank you in advance to any suggestions.

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ive had the same problem in the past loading the disc version, "took too long to start". restarting or re inserting the disc usually helped. i ended up buying the digital version while on sale for $5, & havent had the problem since.

will not let your friend join the party.. says "can not retrieve party details" or something like that. this has happened with a few different people for me, where it will not allow me or the other person to join each others partys unless there was a middle man hosting. this has actually been happening with me & a friend for a few weeks now.

so.. two things you can try..

1- go to settings, network, check the NAT type. if it says "moderate", select check nat type until it says your NAT type is "open". this might help.

2- do NOT make a game party. load into a lobby alone, then invite your friend strait from the lobby. this will work for sure. ive done it many times. i guess because there is no party, thus no party connection details to retrieve. if you are only trying to play with one other person, its easy. if ya have a whole group, not so much.

good luck. i hope this will work for you. very aggravating problem.

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