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Dear Mr.Wes Keltner

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Dear Mr Wes Keltner this is one of your biggest fans.

I Appreciate all the things you did in Friday the 13th,when i say this im being sincere.you and Gun media detailed Friday and made it the best game ever.

Im also a HUGE Horror fan and read horror books,watch movies and i enjoy Cinncinati and Kentucky and this whole side of the country that just loves their horror and rock n roll.

I Enjoy Horrorhound magazine based in cincinnati and the horror conventions.

But as a Huge fan of Gunmedia Id like to ask some Questions that all of us fans would like to know.

1.Will Gun Media programmers and employees be able to get a booth at Horrorhound conventions and events and sign and autograph games and merch.

2.Could it be possible for you To explain to us fans some of your private business matters and explain if you have tried to negotiate with The Akkad brothers Taric and Malek Akkad for an official Halloween licensed game. 

3. Is it too personal or unprofessional to ask if you have talked to The Akkad Brothers.

4.If a Halloween game license from The Akkad brothers is way out of reach financially, is crowd funding a possibility to fund a license to obtain a game title that is too expensive for Gun media.

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