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Friday the 13th: The Game Forum Rules

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Posting on Friday the 13th: The Game Forums


Membership within this forums is a privilege, not a right. We expect all members to abide by directions given to them by the administrative and moderating staff.



General Rule of Thumb: Remember the golden rule; please treat others as you would wish to be treated by others within this community. We are all members here, we all wish to be treated nicely, and we all want to have a good time here.

Please Post with Purpose: Be advised, we do offer areas to blow off steam and generally horse around, but in areas that are meant to be serious, we wish for you to post with intent, rather than simply 'up' your post count. This helps weed out spam, keep discussions on topic and gets information out there quicker. This includes "bump" posts.

Hate Speech: No matter how we put it, hate speech will not be tolerated on this forum. The administrative team has the complete discretion to handle and suspend/ban any account that breaks this rule, regardless of standing within the community. Usage of words such as racist or hateful terms are generally meant to be used as a derogatory insult towards others. The context/appropriateness/negativity implicit with usage of such words can and will be taken into consideration, though it is 100% completely up to the Friday the 13th: The Game Forum staff to handle offending accounts.

Trolling/Flaming/Bashing: Bashing, excessive trolling and general negativity is something this forum expressly wishes to leave out within this community, while we can understand general horsing around between members, we encourage the community to look out for one another. We enjoy and encourage joking, but we ask you keep it at a reasonable level. Please be mindful of what you say and how you treat others.

General Disagreements: Debates are going to happen, people will disagree. We ask you keep it civil and remember that everyone has an opinion, everyone has their personal experiences and not all of us are the same. We encourage in-depth analysis, point/counter-point debates, but we stress that you refrain from entering the land of hate speech and flaming/trolling. Passing that line is when staff steps in. What we're saying is; be rational.

Usage of Friday the 13th: The Game Forums

Introductions: All members who intend to post on these forums are required to post an introduction. Think of it as a way to get to know people here within the site. It's a chance for you to get out there and be a part of this community.

Announcements / Stickies: Each forum and sub-forum present within the site will have their own announcements and stickies. Read them. Abide by them. Learn from them.

Account / Computer Usage: One Account. One Computer. We will not allow Alternate Accounts.

Avatar / Signature: Avatars have a set sizing, so that will take care of itself, but we ask that you keep signatures to one image per account. We ask you try to keep the signature image size to around 550x200. Anything deemed 'too large' at the discretion of the staff will be removed and a note will be left asking to change signature. You may add up to three lines of text on your signature as well. Shameless self-promotion of any product/service that you make money off of is asked to gain approval from the mod staff. NOTE: Admins/Mods will have specific avatars; no other user may use these, or a close approximation of these avatars as it helps with quicker identification. 

Offsite Representation: A single text link on your signature is allowed to represent another forum, web-comic game or For-Profit organization. We ask you contact the administrative team for permission to post links on threads. Current Partners have separate forum sections in which they may post at their own discretion.

Private Messages (PM): We ask that private messages remain private, though if excessive harassment is being made, please contact the administrative or moderating team.

Alternate Accounts: Usage of Alternate Accounts by members is strictly prohibitive, even funny ones. While we do find them hilarious, most Alt accounts are generally designed to evade bans and harass members. Those accounts will be instantly banned and host accounts with them.

Forum Invasions: As zealous as forums are, the Friday the 13th: The Game forums strictly prohibits anyone from planning or attempting to plan an invasion on another website. Permanent bans will be handed out to all offenders.

Illegal Software / Programs / Files: No Warez, no hosting, no links to pirated content, no links to content meant for For-Profit gain. Do not discuss illegally obtained material, do not recommend it. This content includes, but is not limited to: Programs, CD-Keys, key gens, cracks, music files (.mp3, .wav, etc.)

Excessive Username Tagging: Please refrain from tagging developers/admins/mods excessively to gain their attention. A PM will suffice, and if they are unable to respond, please do allow time. We ask that you please be courteous when talking to the team as we receive a large quantity of messages each day.

Double/Multiple Posts: Please be mindful of double posting. If you have more thoughts on your initial post, please hit the 'edit' button, rather than publishing multiple posts in the same topic in quick succession. You can post if someone else posts after you. 

Attempts to Circumvent Rules: Simply put, this forum is run by the administrative team with moderators placed to help as well. This team is trusted to perform their job, and will do so at their discretion, with administrative oversight. While we can give you a general idea of following the rules, every now and then something happens that simply is not accounted for. This team will follow guidelines to ensure as fair a user experience as possible is offered.

Member Expectations Towards Admins/Moderators: Users are more than welcome to provide complaints/comments geared towards the moderating team. We are here to make this forum as fun and enjoyable for every single user, and will do everything to keep things livened. That does not mean users may threaten, harass or engage in trolling rhetoric to get their point across. A respectful attitude goes a long way, for both parties.

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