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To all jasons rage quitting while being killed

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10 minutes ago, Shawn said:

@Fair Play, who cares if you get killed multiple times by a jason, better than waiting for 1/4 hour; and if jason gets killed, new match anyway. Make getting killed as jason an achievement itself and now its something people trying to do, not quitting. Oops i forgot, only your ideas you thought first matter, whatevs. Moderator smoderators might of helped the game have better updates shelf life if your longtime 150 level had cared about a better game instead of rage quit rage quit salty ego trip rude ass posers acting like your gives a GD.  As it is, most of the crowd around this has ruined the experience, same for the forum. so much for suggestions on how to improve gameplay

I respect your passion behind your opinion. I just respectfully disagree. There's little relevance in getting upset because everyone doesn't agree with you. If you have read through a number of conversations on here, you'd know it will happen. You are always free to express an idea. And th other members are free to express their views, whether they agree or disagree.

In an earlier post, you have mentioned that you quit matches for your own reasons. As long as you aren't the host when you do, the reason is your business.

Killing Jason is an achievement, although many feel it should be harder to accomplish. Making an achievement to be killed as Jason would kind of be a slap in the face to the legendary slasher most of us have come to know. Not to mention you could throw one match and get that. Some players don't care about achievements. They want to play the game and have a good time. Having fun is subjective, as there's more than one way to do that. Your idea might work for some, but there would be others who might not feel the same way. If someone wants to quit a match, they'll find a way and an excuse.

I do agree that better monitoring and regulation of the players could have led to a better outcome.

As far as the levels of rage quitters, they range from low to high. Level doesn't matter to them. They do it for several reasons. The main ones are their pride of losing to anyone, or a sick and demented sense of "fun". With the dedicated servers shut down, and the PC platform a hacker's playground, people were bound to abandon the game, or continue to play, quitting matches for (insert reason here).

There are some logical reasons for players to quit, though others feel it would be better to finish the match, then change lobbies, especially if you are the host.

I get that some players don't like to sit and spectate after escaping/being killed. I don't mind it, because a good suspenseful chase is worth watching. If it is a loop around furniture chase, or someone running Jason around for the full twenty, I'd be less entertained. It's also a good time for a snack, smoke, or bathroom break for those in need.

As far as the quality of people in the game, I've had more good than bad. I weeded out the troublemakers, and have a list of those I avoid like the plague. If you team, troll, or act like an entitled brat (aka the match has to go the way you want it to), you make the list.

The quality of people here on the forum, like the game, can be a mixed bag. Most people here want to express themselves, and contribute to the collective knowledge. Most do it in a civilized manner, and respectfully disagree if they don't see eye to eye. Members who come here with an entitled mindset don't stick around for very long. The same goes for trolls and instigators.

We all know the game isn't perfect. Everytime we boot it up, we know this. Those that still play find something worthwhile, otherwise why bother? The one thing that 99% of us here agree on, is that we love the game and the franchise.

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