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F13 the Game VS Dead by Daylight

F13 VS DBD  

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  1. 1. Which one do you think is currently better?

    • Friday the 13th the Game
    • Dead by Daylight

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I am pretty sure most would agree that F13 is way better than DBD. But with the lawsuit thing, opinions may shift.

I played DBD for the first time in 2017/2018 and hell that game sucked back then. However, with major changes in the generators' design and animation, graphic improvements, and reworks of multiple broken perks and killers, I thought that the devs were finally making the game good. Unfortunately, what they did is still not  enough.

On this thing, I will say my reason for why DBD sucks and why F13 the game is still LEAGUES above it, even with no new content at all.


1) Pay to win

I get that already existent characters like Micheal Myers or Freddy, but why in the fuck are killer original from DBD also paid????? And why in the hell perks that come along with the new DLCs are also paid?? Dead Heart, Pop, Corruption, DS, Undying, BBQ, and many others are God tier perks that can definitively make the difference between losing and winning, but they are also paid.

The most insulting part is that (idk what they cost in dollars) each DLC costs 20 reais. There are around 15 paid killers, and you can only get their perk when they are bought. It is a total of 300 reais... so. So?

The game costs 100 reais. I had to pay 100 reais and now I have to pay more 300 to get the full game???? Is this some kind of joke? Seriously this game is trash.


2)Toxic community

For a long time, I thought that F13's killer system was bad and that the DBD system, where people freely choose whenever they want to be killer or survivor, was better. I couldn't be more wrong.

This slip up the community between killer mains and survivors mains. They are in constant war, saying that each other is trash/overtuned/toxic/unhealthy for the game. At the end of the day, both sides end up being toxic and more like a Democrat vs Republicans discussion Forum than a Video Game Community.

There is another thing, which is people rage quitting. IDK why it happens more often in DBD than in other games, but it happens.


3) The Devs

I sincerely feel bad for those guys. Imagine being a dev in a community split up between two sides that are constantly attacking each other. Those guys try their best, but all they do is interpreted by one of the sides as OP/toxic/unhealthy and they have to nerf it into the ground.

They also took a more Survivorlish side on the war, and I use to play more as killer, so I also didn't like it.

About their bad part: they basically only care about money and probably they already lost the little love they once had for this game.


4) Game mechanichs

Most of them are absolutely boring and they make no sense whatsoever.

Keys basically make survivors that played badly escape easily for some reason.

The end game, where every survivor hides and the killer has to keep walking and searching them for 3 minutes.

The add-on reliance, that is basically like that athletes that rely on drugs to win competitions.

Pallets, that most of the time are safe and have no mindgame.

God pallets and God loops, which is the reason behind killer mains are only playing with a few amount of killers that can deal with those.


For me DBD is trash. It is now certainly better than it was back in 2017, where it was even less than trash, but it is still trash. I honestly feel bad for those who believe in the potential of this game and keep playing it; hoping that someday the main flaws that make this game trash will be fixed.

Yes, even with no content whatsoever F13 is way better. At least it is fun and it is not not pay to win.


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I'm never going to attack anybody for playing or liking whatever game they please, but Fuck Dead By Daylight. Fuck it in the ass with a rusty machete. Was in a lobby with a guy one time, the first thing out of his mouth as the match started was quote 'I'd rather be playing Dead by Daylight'. I asked every Miced player in that lobby where the bitch was,  choked him to death within the first two minutes while telling him he was free to go play his shitty little game now since he was obviously trash at this one. I then proceeded to let the rest of lobby do whatever the fuck they wanted. 

For all of Friday's faults and content roadblocks, it still wins where it's most important in that it's lightyears more fun. 

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F13 and DBD have good and bad qualities. So do RE Resistance and a number of similar games.

@Carlso, I understand the disapproval of the pay to win dynamic. It has ruined so many games. For games that don't have cosmetic content (emotes, outfits, skins, etc.), dlc might be the only way to make additional revenue.

The toxicity of any given community is caused by a lot of factors. Game balance, conflicting play styles and excessive bugs are the three things I hear the most complaints about in those games.

The developers in any asymmetrical game have a hard time keeping both sides happy. Going with the majority (survivor) would appease the masses, but the killer would be lackluster, and less desired to play as by some. No enthusiastic players as the killer, very few entertaining matches for survivors.

Game mechanics can be a tricky science. Get them wrong on day one, and watch your player base shrink over time, way before the next big enjoyable game comes out and pulls those players away.

@I'm Not a Goalie, I agree with not trying to heavily influence or judge other players in their gaming choices. While I've had good and bad experiences with each game in this genre, I would encourage players to research and try the games for themselves.

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I will 100% say I enjoy F13 more due to numerous amounts of reasons...

  1. It's an actual "Slasher" where DbD is a Hook Simulator type of Game and can only kill with limited offerings....
  2. Generators or Gen Rushing is 100% easy to do with or without Hex so it makes the Game only short.
  3. F13 you can fight back....DbD you need flashlights and "Pallets"
  4. DbD graphics compared looks like PS3 (DbD) Vs PS4 (F13)
  5. Powers and Abilities are better in F13 than DbD
  6. DbD has ALOT of unbalancing for Killers and Survivors making it hard to even play or to enjoy.

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