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Statement on Content Status in Friday the 13th: The Game

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Hey gang. 

We know that there have been a lot of questions regarding the status of Friday the 13th: The Game and content. We also know that this is a topic that is very dear to our community, in terms of the game, as well as films and merchandise.

While we are happy to see some merchandise making its way to the fan base in the form of new film box sets and board games, clothing and collectibles, it is, unfortunately, not indicative of a shift in the status of Friday the 13th: The Game. For a little help with how this all works, we referred to the experts. The following is a direct quote from Gun’s legal team:

“Previously, we had a license to Friday the 13th that allowed development and new content for the video game. However, this was negatively affected by the Miller litigation. As a result of that litigation, we were not able to release new content for the game, but were able to continue to support and maintain the game in the way we have been. Any other Friday the 13th licensing does not necessarily affect our ability to put out new content for the game. There are no plans to re-negotiate our license to create new content regardless of how the film rights are ultimately settled.”

While we understand and appreciate the interest in new content for Friday the 13th: The Game, we have to be clear and transparent on this matter. The status of adding content to our game is unchanged. In 2018, we communicated some of the troubles regarding pausing and resuming game development, as illustrated in this excerpt from the President of Gun, Wes Keltner:

“Development on games can’t just pause indefinitely and pick back up again; it doesn’t work that way. Especially when you have no idea when that future date will occur. We can’t keep building content that may never see the light of day. That’s bad business.”

The same is even more true today than ever. As that halt in content production occurred, the time lapsed between that original statement and now has only further complicated things in terms of resuming any development of content. The team will continue to work on the items we’ve communicated as top priority to players with regards to in-game issues, as that has been the game plan and pipeline we have in place.

Like you, we are happy to see anything “Friday the 13th” show up in our news feeds, and we’re happy for fans of the franchise to see Jason live on. 

Thank you for the continued support,

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