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Notice of Signatures and Font Use on Forums

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Hey all!


Want to post a quick rule update and give you all a heads up on what all is expected when we're scrolling around and reading each post here on the forums. 


First off: Signatures. 


Just want to give a quick heads up that we want you guys to have some fun on the forums with your sigs, but try to ensure that the height of your signature does not exceed 250px. Length, no big deal, have fun with that. We just want to avoid all that extra scrolling trying to get past signatures when reading content! So far, no big deal with users, but just want everyone to be aware. 


Secondly: Font


We've noticed quite a few users using different font colors to showcase their posts. While it is something to help you stand out, we'd appreciate it if you could minimize the amount of times you change your entire post to a separate color for the sake of ease of reading. With our forums using a darker background, using darker colors can be a bit strenuous to read for some users, and it has been commented upon. We would appreciate you sticking to the standard white when simply posting a response. If you are trying to create a rather substantial post and wish to use different fonts and colors to help sections stand out, please feel free. 


Apologies to bring this to some of you, we've seen the dedication on behalf of a couple of you that have really helped create a persona, but reading some posts has been hard for some users on mobile devices, or with some monitors. Apologies, and thanks for understanding! We won't be changing previous posts, just hope that moving forward you can stick to this guideline! 


Note: Feel free to use different colors in your signatures, we just ask that normal posting content stick to regular font whenever possible! 

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