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There's a "Design a Kill" thread going on which primarily is brainstorming ways for Jason to kill counselors.  I tend to think more from the perspective of the Final Girl/Guy, so I'd be interested in brainstorming ways to defeat Jason.


In the movies, it feels like they fell into several categories:
  • Brute Force w/ Believable Camp Items: ax to the head, a whole lot of machete hacking, impaling on a bed of spikes (...well, it killed a Jason impostor), propane explosions, woodchipper (at least partially)
  • Semi-Mystical: dragging to the bottom of the lake with a boulder, because that's his resting place
  • Completely Mystical:  dragging to the bottom of the lake by a zombie dad summoned by psychic powers, stabbing in the heart with a magic dagger
  • Extreme and Extraordinary: NYC toxic waste, blown up with an FBI-issued grenade, falling through the Earth's atmosphere
Beating Jason should obviously be very difficult and very rare.  I kinda like the propane kill in Freddy vs. Jason since it's using ordinary camp objects and doesn't dabble into any sort of mystical solution to kill Jason.  So perhaps the theme of setting up elaborate traps (as opposed to just grabbing an ax) that involve several components and steps?
I did like the opening of Part 9 (probably the only thing I liked about the movie) where they used an undercover camper as bait to lure Jason into an FBI trap.  That'd make the calling for help scenario more interesting in that for the cops (or SWAT team or National Guard or whomever) to really do away with Jason, they need the help of surviving counselors to bait him.  So the game is not won and you are not yet safe when the help first arrives.
Respecting that fact that Jason should be very hard to defeat, what are some other ideas you all have?


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I'd like it if the counselors needed to do several things that required team cooperation in order to take Jason down. Firstly I don't think you should ever be able to KILL Jason just stop him by say chaining him back to the bottom of the lake. So the counselors would need to find a chain, lasso jason without getting killed, find a right size rock, repair and fuel a boat, find a rock heavy enough, then drive the boat out to the middle of the lake with Jason attached. Or something similar 

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