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servers/ Hackers NOT OK! i also copy and pasted this from a reply I made earlier

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There have been many sketchy things going on for awhile now and this "SATAN" guy also has discord which many know i've been in there before trying to be sneaky and get information off them and i have i talked to one of his main Moders/Hackers on a phone call and i think after awhile they realized i was up to something but this is what i can tell many and answer questions 1."Are they doing this" Answer Yes i had read many things from "Satan" and many other who indeed said that they were going to "Destroy this game" and not for what some people are saying such as "There doing this because they got banned" no they have has this in the works for months because this was said in Jan 2020 and i told the DEVS, Gun Media, "Jason kills bugs" even tweeted them never got anything back i was in there till the very end of the month of Jan 2020 before i was removed and many think and say "this has been around since 2018" well i dont think so they had said they knew about many things such as Victroria being a character that would be coming since October of 2017 they have been up to this since launch just never showed it until 2018 they have been planning to do many things to this game from the very start but needed to wait for the right time and the lawsuit was the perfect time now some may say "oh there was leaked footage before the lawsuit" see they were teasing the Devs trying to show them that a storm was coming soon and they has the upper hand now this could be a lie from the so dont take my word but they said that they "knew there was a deadline coming because GUN knew this was happening so someone from the inside told them" thats why the starting teasing now this could be lie but other things that were shown to me leads me to say that there are telling the truth know like i said i tried to tweet, report, to everyone who could be help never got a response so after awhile i started seeing that if you " Gave them nudes you would get these Mods/Hacks" i felt sick and the day after that i gave myself up and told them they would be turned in when i told Gun Media this Gun never did anything and then i found another group chat and tried to be smart i got my self scammed on purpose thinking if i did this and screenshoted everyone single bit of proof that i could show it to Gun and they would have proof to do something about it so i talked got info screenshoted sent them money got scammed all according to plan but where my plan went wrong is were gone never did anything with my proof i was furious i love this game and wanted something done wasted my money so they would have proof to do something and nothing was ever done so i ask everyone here is this right in my eyes NO! it is not and a fan of this game it is horrible to see i hope this does get fixed and this info will been seen by someone who cares who some people weather thats Fans like you guys or Devs and i am so sorry if there is Typos in here and grammer problems i just wanted to get this out here as soon as possible because i want this to been know to the public know since the Devs wont do anything.


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