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Hello Friends & The Wider Community,

This is my first time visiting the forums and I wanted to help post a fix for Xbox One In-Game Chat. A lot of the time the in-game chat won’t work for people on Xbox One. I managed to find a fix for it, it is a little bit tedious, but stay with me as it works every time. This will work if the privacy options for Xbox are all available and open, and your mic still seems to not be working. The instructions are below:

1. Go to Xbox settings

2. Go to volume & audio output 

3. Select party chat output 

4. Select headphones & speakers

5. Hard reset your console (hold down the power button until it turns off, and wait a few seconds)

6. Restart the game, and test the in-game chat, it should be working now

7. Go back to the party chat output settings in the Xbox settings and select headphones again

8. Your mic should be working in both the Xbox party chat and the in-game chat now 

Hope this helps 😊

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