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Reinstalling the game to get attention of developers  

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  1. 1. Who will be doing this for a month of your choice i say we all do it the month of october

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I think everybody that owns the game should reinstall it and play for a month to get illfonic and gun media's attention/horror inc it's a long shot but it could show how much we appreciate them for the troubles they are going through.

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You can reinstall the game as many times as you like, but you’ll never get Illfonics attention. They aren’t affiliated with the game anymore. I doubt you’ll get anyone else’s attention either. 
What was you wanting to show appreciation for? Kinda hard to show you appreciate something if you have to reinstall it. That means at some point it was deleted. 

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Just continue to play the game and pull as many friends back into it that you can.....

You don’t have to wait till October....either.

Hop on the game anytime by yourself or with a buddy or with players here on the Forums.....Get creative make you own seasonal Events.....

Spring Slasher Event  

Killer Summer Event 

Fall into Horror Event 

Winter Thriller Event

Gun does tracks your in game time......that will be enough to show Gun media appreciation For the game.

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8 hours ago, Simplyshred said:

I didn't im just saying people should reinstall the game cause you never know what could happen.

If something positive were to happen, word of mouth and video submissions could encourage people to come back to the game. Keeping people in the game would depend on the momentum encouraging them to stick around.

Newer games coming out will always pull players away. Those that enjoy this game will come back from time to time.I

One can be a fan without playing this game 24/7.

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